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3,5 sterren uit 39 beoordelingen
2 apr 2020 om 22:16 Butter chicken was unreal!!
7 feb 2020 om 16:46 Dry, cold chicken, not in a marinade like promised
15 nov 2019 om 16:17 Feels homemade (in a good way). Pretty bleak portion size to price ratio. It shouldn’t be possible the best part of €30 of food in 15 minutes.
7 nov 2019 om 19:53 The food was completely cold and oily, the roti was also cold and hard, also the taste was not great. Will never order here again.
15 okt 2019 om 21:34 Food was great as usual but they only delivered half of the order which was extremely disappointing. It messes with all your plans when the order is not delivered fully.
6 sep 2019 om 0:35 The dish didnt have the same taste as it usually does. The side yogurt was in a smaller pack than usual. Didnt enjoy this order as much.
22 jul 2019 om 13:43 heerlijk eten. Maar kleine portie
20 jul 2019 om 19:06 Too oily and the bag split open with food all over my carpet. Terrible packaging that leaked all the way.
15 jun 2019 om 17:14 I asked for extra yogurt with samosa chat. I called them and reminded them. They agreed but never sent it. Very unprofessional :(
27 mei 2019 om 20:42 Just too hot. Way too much chilli. Destroys the whole food.
21 mei 2019 om 14:46 Average food, terrible delivery
31 mrt 2019 om 22:31 Food quality is bad